Pork Chitlins

While it may not be the most common or popular dish in the world, pork chitlins are one of the most underappreciated classic side dishes out there. Made popular by the incredible soul food tradition, the flavor of a good plate of chitlins will have you wondering why you never knew about them before now.

With recipes that have been passed down for centuries, soul food is something that carries just as much tradition as it does flavor. There is no better cuisine to enjoy when you are looking for an experience that is both new and incredible, especially when it comes to chitlins. The chefs here at Stacey & Rick’s Soulfood take pork chitlins very seriously and understand just how much they can bring to any meal, which is why the most delicate touch and skill is used to make them and also why we are the only place to go when you want to try something truly special.

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